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You‘ve been playing small and it’s no longer working.

You’re feeling like there’s so much more for you in this life. You’ve been thinking this for years, or maybe its just occurred to you. Maybe you’re unhappy — with some boredom thrown in for good measure. It’s bubbling up, confining, and doesn’t fit you any longer. 

You’re ready to make some steps forward, but you need a helping hand. Someone to keep you accountable with some real talk thrown in there. You’re scared, but ready to step into the magic of I don’t know. 

Ask yourself, what if I made changes? What if I did the thing I think about all the time but talk myself out of? What. If.

I know this feeling and I asked myself the same, years ago. When you’re ready, I’ll be here. 

Current Musings

I’ll Be Elsewhere

When I’m in Italy I’m more insulated from the news that comes out of the States. Partly because of the time difference, but also because the madness of my country feels so far away. It would be easy to bury my head and think only about food and wine. Believe me, I want to. Especially because when someone dies we all know, but don’t actually know, or when a national tragedy happens I often don’t know what to say.

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