Hi! Here We Are. 

You and me. You’re here because you’re feeling ok, but not as happy as you know you can be. Maybe you’re waking up at 4:00 am riddled with anxiety because your smile hasn’t been reaching your eyes recently. Or maybe you have a nagging feeling of wanting an adventure, or a change in your _________ that just won’t go away. Fill in the blank. 

But you’re ready to deal now.

You’ve been taking some steps recently and they feel…good. Not just good, but right. And now you’re thinking you’re ready to take the next as well. You’re ready to stop scrolling through other people’s accomplishments and begin working on your own. Just reading this caused a fluttering in your stomach, because you know it’s time. 

We each have our own formula and definition of success. Whatever yours looks like, I want to help you make it your next chapter. 

How It Works

Let’s connect with a short call and get to know one another. If our conversation flows like water, cool! If not, I’m happy to have connected with you.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me. 

  • Individual sessions —
  • Someone to get in the dirt with you and show you what’s real
  • I’ll hold you accountable, cheer you on, and get you moving in the right direction. 
  • Plans, accountability + action items
  • All kinds of resources, tools, and tips
  • I’ll show up and support you all the way


Make Gold — A 1:1 Program $2495.00 

Designed for women ready to give up on settling for ‘good enough’ + start living their lives without apology.

The Details —

  • 10 x 1:1 sessions.
  • Follow up email with action items after sessions.
  • 4 months of unlimited video chat + email support.

I’m ready for you! Are you ready to write your next chapter?

  • Let’s identify what’s not working in your life and what you really want. 
  • We’ll identify and clear out all the shit that’s been holding you back. 
  • Then we’ll create an action plan based on what your definition of success means. 

Here’s what you can expect – 

My business card reads reads “Pusher of the Semi-Reluctant,” and I’ve been known to playfully call myself the benevolent Ass-Kicker. Your ah-ha! moments will sit alongside plenty of smiles and a whole lot of laughs. We’ll create a roadmap for your next chapter of life. You know, the one where you’re going to be doing exactly, unapologetically, what you want. You’ll begin noticing people and opportunities in line with this next chapter, and now you’ll be ready to act! Yahtzee! The thing you’ve been wanting to do, the one you think about in the middle of the night, why not make it a priority in your life right now?

It’s up to you to do the work. I’ll be with you along the way. 

The sessions I had with Robyn were like having a spiritual,  psychological and business coaching performed by a wiser sister. She has an uncanny way of being direct and honest in a profound and magnetizing way. The questions and homework that she assigns provokes a deeper sense of awakening, and provides an astounding amount of clarity. ”  — Natalie L. 

1:1 Coaching – Single Session – $199.00

You’ve worked with me before. Either in a workshop or 1 on 1. You need some advice, direction or plan of action. 

The Details — 

  • 60 minutes of 1:1 coaching — [Video Chat]
  • Some straight talk to get you moving in the right direction
  • A follow-up email with a handful of action items
  • Some serious motivation to tackle what you’ve been struggling with

I was hoping for a little more clarity within my journey. What I didn’t expect was the gut check, in your face, beautiful revelations. Thank you!” —Jennie R.