Hi, I'm Robyn.

I'm here to help you create high-impact
learning experiences.

I’m a program designer passionate about building authentic learning experiences.

Impactful learning experiences aren’t born in a windowless room, as you listen to someone drone on and click through slides. They don’t result from sitting in front of a computer clicking through a handful of videos on 1.5x speed just to get through the content.

They are built from interested customers, engaged customers, who greedily look forward to and absorb your content. Customers who promptly tune into your live or in person sessions to give them the connection and intimacy they’re looking for in their day.

These learners want variety. An article they can scroll while they wait for their coffee, a podcast episode that lays out the details they’re looking for or an additional reading list that helps take their understanding to the next level.

They want rich examples and stories—helping them recognize themselves through others. I believe in the power of teaching through story. When something lands with you, and touches those human parts of us through storytelling, that’s when you remember it. That’s when it changes you.

Just like the many generations before us who used stories to share knowledge, we’re relearning this skill, and I’m here to help you use the art of story to make your content memorable.

Meet your customers where they are and deliver to such a high level THEY become your marketing strategy.

Become so obsessed with delivering a high value experience that it doesn’t matter what your competitors are doing. Or who they even are. You don’t have time to worry about them because you’re heads down, working on what matters.

Working on something and need a heavy lifter?

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