Weekend Vibes.

You know how to be awesome today? I’ll tell you.

You breathe in and out. That’s it. I’m so not about all the layers of BS we heap on ourselves, one another, our cats, and whatever else you have walking around your house.

Three Things — Confessions

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

I have a bad habit, and have for years, of not owning basic items. Things. Stuff. I’m fortunate enough to be able to shop for things and own them as well. But I usually just don’t. Don’t judge. Just don’t, because we all have our own shit and this is one of mine and I’m fessing up. I usually don’t think about myself as a “haver of things.” Does this make sense to you? Me either.

Three Things — A Mixed Bag

I was up last night for two hours with indigestion. No clue why. And then while laying there I started thinking about how in 7th grade I wasn’t nice to someone. Why do we do this to ourselves, the middle of the night life review? Or am I the only one? Can I get some feedback on this please?

The Marking of Time

Fourteen years ago today, I was in Maui, about to get Maui-ed. I know, I’m hilariously punny. I had on the white dress, my short blonde hair was tousling in the wind, and everyone was waiting for me to walk down the aisle. I call this version of myself Robyn 1.0. She was cool, and I love her, and also she had no clue who she was or what the hell she was doing.