Forget the Small Talk, Give Me the Big Talk

Forget the Small Talk, Give Me the Big Talk

I’m not a fan of small talk. It feels like a waste of time, all surfacy and shallow. I want to dive in, straight to the heart of the matter with juicy conversation.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite’s favorites. He was brand new in town and we agreed to meet for a meal.

I didn’t have a great sense of him, other than our mutual association with a very bright light. After placing our order and sitting down, we both expressed our mutual dislike for small talk.

I told him about my #100UnfilteredTruths project and mentioned my apprehension with vulnerability. He suggested I take the opportunity to practice with him.

To make the conversation balanced, we began exchanging truths — one for one. Some small and silly + others so heavy and thick with emotion they filled the room.

I saw him to his very depths. His pain, the pride, and the hope. And I know he saw me too. I was moved to tears several times — by both his and my own admissions. I looked him in the eye not bothering to hide my emotion, tears filling my eyes.

What if we made the decision to go deeper with one another? To see + feel + listen without judgment — to witness emotion and acknowledge.

I often think of our conversation. I keep it close and use it as an example of how I wish to connect with others, more often.

It is my goal to live wide open; showing up and seeing you. Allowing myself to be seen — arguably, the harder of the two. What do you think? I’ll show up if you do.