Chapters of Life

Gone in the blink of an eye. Those six weeks spent in Mexico.

It’s funny how short of a time it takes for things to become the new normal. I spent each day in flip flops, a swimsuit and sun dresses. I walked down the dark street before anyone else was around to 6:30 workout class in 94% humidity.

I stopped by the corner store every day buying beans, avocado, and tomatoes. Everyday the same. I spent a couple of hours many days at the beach. In the same chairs. Saying hello to the guy that played music on Wednesday’s, the little girl who sold shrimp on a stick, and Patrick the Canadian ice cream guy.

I knew the best place for shrimp tacos and what time the smoothie shop closed. I knew that as I was walking down the street, sweaty from the workout, Priscilla who owned the coffee shop would be taking her zucchini chocolate chip muffins out of the oven. They would be warm and gooey.

I knew where the dentists office was and spent a couple mornings there getting some dental work done. I had an open air kitchen I worked in each day for hours, drinking coffee and pounding away on the keyboard. The many roosters crowing loudly in the background of each skype call. Prompting the same question over and over “are you in the country, why are there farm animals?”

I knew what time my sister from another mister got up in the morning, what time the kids went to school, and when she would sail through the kitchen door to work right next to me.

I loved the time I just spent down south, a little vignette of life. I enjoyed it to the fullest and made gold from it.

I know the vividness of this chapter will fade as I move further down the calendar. Right now I’m holding tight to the space with a bookmark.