Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A Day of Deep Diving

Sometimes all it takes is one day to make a sticky life direction, topic, thought process, situation, or decision crystal clear. A day of approaching the whole shebang with intent and a decision to change or figure it out. Everything is figure-outable when you show up with the mind set, tools, and a come what may attitude.

A few months ago Mimmo and I moved from Italy to the Bay Area. Normally I see all my coaching clients on video chat, but living within proximity to San Francisco has afforded me the possibility to see people face to face and I’m loving it. While I believe that many transitions in life may play out over weeks and months, I also think there’s a lot that can be accomplished in a day.

Which is exactly what I did with Sarah a couple of weeks ago. She readily agreed to my sharing her story here, with all of you.

Sarah replied to one of my Instagram stories and told me that she’s really struggling with her marketing career and the overall direction of her life. While she likes the work, it has her pinned down. She said she’s feeling restless and craving more freedom. The geographic kind to move around and possibly live outside the country part-time. Ummm totally my JAM!

I knew I could help her and we met up for a day of what I call ‘A Day of Deep Diving.‘ It looked a bit like this:

9:00 AM — We met up and bonded over a sweaty workout followed by a green juice. She was ready to dive in and I was ready to hear all about the specifics.

10:30 AM — We slid into one of my favorite booths at the coffee shop and began plotting and scheming. While she loves what she does, she doesn’t want to do it at her desk. We dug deep and discovered that she’s also scared to give up what everyone told her “she was lucky to have.” We got clear on what she really wanted and what’s been holding her back from doing it.

12:30 PM — After talking over her options and making a game plan, we went to one of my favorite lunch spots and continued the conversation. We discussed how to make her 9 to 5 more fun (for now) and a plan for what she can be doing to make steps toward building up her freelancing business.

1:30 PM — By this time we were ready to move to an afternoon tea. We had a full list of plans and ideas. Of things to look into and other resources to make it happen. We also brainstormed an initial 3-month trip/move to Europe and how to make it work.

Sarah came in and was fed up with her 9 to 5 and wanted something different. I invited her to explore what her checkboxes of life are. What was important to her, not anyone else. She got clear on what she actually wanted and how she can make it happen. By the end of our time together she walked out with a game plan how to enjoy her current 9 to 5 more while she’s spending her nights and weekends building her freelance and making her first travels to Europe.

I loved our day together and Sarah didn’t walk away — she practically floated away with the headiness of the knowing she was embarking on a path of her choosing. All her own.

If you happen to be in the Bay Area as well and want A Day of Deep Diving, let’s connect!

Even if you’re not in this area I frequently find myself in Seattle, Chicago, other parts of California, Italy, and many other places. It’s never a hardship for me to travel. Especially for a day with a client spent deep diving!