A Masterclass in Effectiveness

I used to have all the reasons about why I couldn’t do things. I don’t have the network, I don’t have the money. I don’t think it’s the right time — that was a big one. I wasn’t lying, I was fully convinced of the reasons.

And if asked, I would tell you all about it too. But that wasn’t it. Sure, maybe I didn’t have the resources to leave my job and go live in Europe, on paper. But I also know that if I would have made it a priority I could have made it happen.

It did, ultimately. First I was fired, removing the biggest block — the one in my head. Then I leveraged what I did have to move and travel sustainably. Without dipping into savings and without putting a balance on my credit card.

It’s just like Amelia says, the best way to do it, is to do it.

The key is the remembering that you don’t need to be up against the proverbial wall to get things done. They’re always there for the taking.

Like you, I’m always moving through phases of life with new projects, goals, and accomplishments on my mind. I was reminding by the simplicity of the most effective way to get something done when I scrolled past her quote on Instagram last week and I’m sharing it all with you.

For whoever needs to see this today: Take a step today. See how it feels. Likely, fricking fabulous. And then take another tomorrow, maybe two. The joy in your progress is a powerful motivator toward the next step on your way.