Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

A Saturday Spent Rumbling

A term coined by Brené Brown in her book Rising Strong, The Rumble is defined as — becoming honest about the stories we’ve made up about our struggles and are willing to revisit, challenge, and reality-check these narratives as we dig into topics such as boundaries, shame, blame, resentment, heartbreak, generosity, and forgiveness.

Whew! A mouthful, I know.

Yesterday I was working on an application to speak at an event this spring. The application is fair in wanting to know — “Why I’m a compelling speaker for this topic,” and of course it makes sense that they asked “What is your inspiring idea and 3 to 5 points to support this idea.”

And each fair-minded question had me sweating.

Sweating through thoughts like, do I tell this? How do I feel about this? What will the audience be able to learn from this? Does sharing this help people? Then yes, ok, let’s put it in. Sweating, talking to myself, drinking coffee, and then writing more.

My presentation has some key take-aways but also has a healthy dose of narrative — a key component to helping audience members connect with messaging. So while I was working on the presentation, what I’m really working on is me.

Not only my story, but me. As a person. Robyn. The Rumble was alive and well. I wiped the sweat from the palms of my hands a couple of times in the chilly coffee shop. Cold feet in my flats with no socks on, hot sweaty palms. A sure sign I’m rumbling.

I know everyone reading these words can relate to sweating through a step-up. When you decide you’re going after something in spite of sweaty palms and second guessing yourself. Through lots of pep talks and the self-assured repetition of  “you’re ok, you’re ok” whispered to myself as I keep writing.

The thing that works the best for me when I’m sweating and stepping-up is reminding myself where I am. The conversation goes something like this —

This is a rumble. You’ve been here before and you lived and came out in a better place. And now you’re doing it again. And in the future a lot more times. This keeps me going in spite of the second guessing, sweating, and the discomfort of it all.

It’s stretching and necessary. It’s fear inducing and exciting.

As you sit here reading this, whatever you’re in the middle of and rumbling through I’m right here with you. Tense family conversations, triggering events in the news, feeling the weight of it all. It’s all a rumble. Sometimes the greatest rumble is acknowledging it’s best to stay in bed and rest. Good, do that.

You know what’s best for you. Whatever you decide please know you’re not alone. We’re all here alongside you rumbling right along.