Photo by Piotr Chrobot on Unsplash

Amsterdam — 16 Years Later

I haven’t been to Amsterdam since my former husband Zak and I took our two month trip in 2002. I recognize the train station, the tram tracks coursing through the street, and of course the canals. I see the throngs of tourists as I weave in and out, heading to the hotel. It’s so damn interesting to revisit a place after years and iterations of yourself.

Yesterday I was in The Hauge speaking at the Women’s Economic Forum on International Women’s Day. A very formal name for a VERY large organization of women that get together to story tell and inspire. I spoke about personal transformation and how it can lead to professional excellence. Really, life excellence.

My opening line garnered a reaction, “I essentially went through a messy divorce with a dead man.” And then there were so many follow up questions we moved all the chairs in the room into a circle and talked through it all. BEST. I’m heading back to Rome tomorrow and then on to Pescara, happy and sated.


Since I was busy International Women’s Day-ing I neglected to round up links for you. I know, I’m the worst. 

Regular programming next week.

Ciao for Noooow!