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Rome — One of My Favorite Nooks

I don’t know why, but this little nook off of Via dei Coronari always catches me. It’s beautiful to be sure, and also no more than countless other side streets and hidden alleys.

Let the Adventure In

Here I am standing with the Pantheon at my back and a battle cry of my own laying at my feet. After I left Portland all those years ago with my life in ashes around my feet I promised myself I was embracing my next chapter fully.

What Kind of Credentials Do You Have?

A seemingly innocent question it can feel loaded.Two times in the past two weeks I’ve been asked this question. Not because I was applying for a job. In one case it was by someone I had just met and in the second case I was catching up with someone I hadn’t seen in years. Over ten.

Redefining Self-Care

I’m very inspired by working in beautiful surroundings. I seek them out and relish in every detail as I type away. Sipping coffee from a mug that’s a delightful shade of blue and sits heavy in my hand, sitting in a blush colored velvet chair with the perfect height to support me as I type […]

3 Quick Steps To Vanquish Overwhelm In the Moment

I was going to focus this post on the overwhelm we experience in our businesses or work, but it’s not just business that causes our overwhelm. It’s in our everyday lives. It’s the mere fact we’re breathing in and out. The quick comparison we do in our heads. How we’re measuring up to others— I’m […]

A Successful Day of Deep Diving

If you have a project, a next level you’re going for, or a checkbox you’re ready to make a part of your life and want to jumpstart the whole dang thing — drop me a line. A Deep Dive may be what you need to get moving in the right direction.