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Have the holidays left you with a bit of a hangover?  Not the alcohol induced kind. More of the “what day is it and how much cheese have you eaten today,” kind of situation.

Me too.

2019 — Make It Yours

If we let it we can become consumed with the idea of how to perfectly start off the year with a bang! THIS IS YOUR YEAR shouting to you. It can devour our spirits. Leave us confused and pondering if we’re doing enough planning or plotting our resolutions for 2019. Are we living up to the idea we’ve manufactured for who we want to be in 2019?

Finding Grace at 4 AM

Even on the days when you feel resistance to doing them or there’s chaos around you.  Especially those days. Because those are the days you need to create the space for yourself and your mind the most. The moments when you focus in on your breathing and it slows. Your chest rising and falling slowly. Those brief moments that give you grace in the other moments.