Photo by Mei Ratz

Big News! A Marriage + A Move!

See these two people? They have been waiting for months to share some news with you. Not one, but TWO pieces that impact this next chapter of life and all those that come after.

Surprise #1! We’re married!

I’m ridiculously proud to call Mimmo Mastrodicasa my official partner in crime and wear my wedding band inscribed with his name, a wedding gift from my new Italian parents, Annabella and Gabriele. Italy has played a significant role in my life for over two decades — Always an Italian at heart, it feels right and true that my husband and his family are of the culture I’ve always felt so at home with. They’re the definition of love and support especially my new sister, Rosaria Mastrodicasa. And Mimmo, Italian as he is, feels right at home with the full-on American experience of my family as well. He’s a big fan of 4th of July and Thanksgiving is quickly becoming his favorite holiday. In fact, I’m fairly certain that last year I heard him ask for a second helping of sweet potato casserole. This melding of families and cultural traditions fills my heart to bursting and reminds me at our core, we’re all fundamentally fueled by love. Thank you to my family for all you do for us!

If you’re wondering where your invitation was, we didn’t send any. For those of you who know us, you know our story is anything but traditional. Keeping true to ourselves we decided to elope, just the two of us. Standing in the courthouse across from one another, holding hands, we said our vows for each other. There just also happened to be a few people waiting to settle their traffic tickets as well. I smiled at the unconventional nature of it all. Clapping and wishing us congratulations on the way out, I squeezed my new husband’s hand noting how perfectly my grandmother’s ring fit on my finger.

But not to worry! We cannot wait to celebrate with all of you! While life is happily busy at the moment, we’re dreaming of throwing a big celebration at some point in the next few years — maybe in the States, maybe in Italy, who knows maybe both!

Surprise #2!

We’re moving from the East Coast of his country to the West Coast of mine. We’ve just signed a lease in the Bay Area because Mimmo, who recently concluded his Radiology residency, has accepted a position with Stanford University! From a relatively small medical institution in the Abruzzo Region of Italy, to one of the most prestigious in the world, this is just one of the many feats I’ve seen him alchemize — The Italian Unicorn.

I’m so looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. I’m already here, in this new place we’re about to make our own meeting people and spreading my wings. With each passing day I feel myself click deeper into this version of myself I’ve been leveling up to. I’m peaceful and also poised, ready to leap to meet her.

Grazie Mimms for consistently giving the best for yourself, me, and everyone who is lucky enough to come into contact with you. I couldn’t have known four years ago when I traveled to Pescara where this would lead and I’m thrilled I made that big ole leap. I’m reveling in this moment and loving the shit out of our ride together.

Friends + Family — We can’t wait to see you in California! Give us some time to settle in and then come visit! Thank you to everyone who over the years have held and lifted us with your ongoing love + support. You know who you are and believe me, we do too.

Ciao for Now —

Robyn + Mimms