A Case Study — Small Daily Steps – Big Ole Payoff

We’re in the home stretch before moving back to Italy. My days have been chock full of all the normal moving stuff we all know and love. It’s really not worth talking about. I spent one day whipped up from too many tasks on my list and then I calmed the hell down. Perspective for goodness sake.

After I did forty million errands yesterday (an actual number) I wandered around Trader Joe’s and drank two of their tiny cups of coffee. It was the best. I live for the little things.

In line with the tiny but mighty, I have two things to report.

  1. I used to have lash extensions. I loved them. Love. Still do. Dream of them. But maintaining them when moving back and forth between countries while doable, was also a pain in my ass. So I switched over to Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields. I don’t sell R+F, but I do love this product. For the past three months I have used it every night. Last week I added in some Dior mascara I’ve heard good things about. For the first time in a long time, I heart my lashes.

(PSA: Portland, OR peeps, you have the most talented lash artist. Miss Knockout, owned by Kimmie, is next level. Since I’ve had my lashes done in four countries and countless states, I feel qualified making this claim. If I still lived there I would be posted up in her chair on the monthly.)

2. I promised myself in the month of January I was going to do this 5-minute Brazilian Bootie Workout Thingy everyday. No matter if I already went to Spin class that day, ate half of a cake, or had to pull my workout leggings on at 10 pm. It’s 5 GD minutes. I’m at day 12 of 31, I feel a difference. But most of all, I feel happy with my commitment to myself.

Why am I telling you these seemingly useless things? Here’s why: small increments, made daily, add up to big change. We knew this, didn’t we gentle readers? Sure, but I also like the real life reminders.

Next thought: where else in my life can I apply this? Currently thinking.


That’s all I got. What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered a couple of links for your weekend pondering. 

I have a piece of writing coming out in a book on the 23rd of this month. It takes on the taboo topic of death in a way you’ve not seen previously. A collection of essays with all the things you want to ask/know someone, but never do. New York Magazine suggests you check it out. So do I. Buy it here, on Amazon.

Did you like my Three Things post earlier in the week about women with healthy boundaries? This podcast interview with Oprah and Ali MacGraw is worth a listen.

Ciao for Now!