Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash

Christmas Weekend is Nigh

Christmas is a hot minute away and the stockings are not hung by the chimney with care. Nor have I wrapped a thing or stamped a card. I’m good with it.

Instead I’ve been ripping through my “to do before moving back to my other continent list.” The car is posted for sale 7 ways to Sunday, I’ve scheduled all my genius appointments, and I’m stocking up on ziplock bags and curry paste. Those two items are absolutely NOT a thing in Italy. Trust me, gallon-size Ziplocks are GOLD. Also great for bartering. You know, fresh pasta in exchange for three gallon sized freezer bags. Perfect!

Yesterday, to really round out the week, I had a (brief) but wicked food poisoning/virus rip through. Hahah! Fuuuuun. I kid. All is well over here and I’m looking forward to a short two hour drive to check out what I know will be a new favorite place — Savannah. I’ll be posting over on Instagram stories.


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your holiday weekend reading. 

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if the tradition you’re trying to uphold feels like a personal dirge then think about passing on it or saving it for next year. Consider modifying it so it works better for you and your family. Embracing the moments and finding some joy is what life is all about.

Have a cat that loves to play in wrapping paper? Wanna wrap him up? Makes sense. Here’s how described in an English accent which somehow makes all things feel more proper.

Have you seen the Annie Leibovitz class on Masterclass? I have lots of photog friends excited about it. This article talks about what the class IS and Isn’t. A good read.

Ciao for Now!