Curated Travel – Mexico Edition

I’ve spent the last 3 days in Portland selling, packing, and moving only my most beloved belongings into a 5 by 5 foot storage unit in Seattle. What a whirlwind — I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. A happy truck, but a truck nevertheless. I’ve never really been a collector of stuff, but shedding items to this point is a whole new level.

I’m feeling liberated beyond belief.

I’m returning to Italy in May, but until then I’ll be in Mexico, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta in San Pancho. I rented a little hacienda close to the beach with a strong internet connection — what more could I ask for?

I’m looking forward to early mornings on the beach, afternoon writing sessions on the rooftop nook, and locating some off the beaten path spaces. Bliss.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you.

In the last several weeks I’ve been contacted by a number of people, interested in the way I live. Asking questions and expressing their desire to live life a bit more open in a way that feels true to them. Reminiscing of places they visited long ago, wistfully recalling how they felt before they got too bogged down in the busyness of life.

I understand this sentiment. I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

Long after I replied to each message I was still thinking. Thinking about how little shifts in perspective can make all the difference in our daily lives. Thinking about how letting go of our fears can free up space for us to live and love bigger than we thought possible. How small lifestyle tweaks can allow a light feeling back into our daily routines.

Then I went further than thinking. What about some action? Why not put it out there and see if anyone is looking to jumpstart a new way to live life? Maybe you’re looking to delve into a week of real talk over morning coffee, to unpack the heavy baggage you’ve been carrying around to see what’s really afoot. Maybe a little adventure next to the vast ocean will induce a small shift in your perspective. Maybe it could be even bigger than a shift. Maybe we’re talking landslide.

Let’s see what happens.

I’m not suggesting you sell your home and shove your life into a 5 by 5 foot storage unit, there’s no need. But I am wondering if dipping your toe into a mini-adventure, will remind you of whom you are — who you’ve always been.

If so, you may want to come down and join me in San Pancho for a week of curated travel. But before we go further hear me out: This is not a retreat. This is a week of reconnaissance, of discovery. It’s a curated experience, Mexican edition. With me.

Here’s what I’m going to do, and I’m inviting you to do it along with me.

I’m going to work on projects that are near and dear to my heart. I’m going to be unpacking some of my own baggage and letting go of shackles holding me back. I’m going to write and take photos and let Mexico wash over me. I’m going to work up a sweat on the daily and eat tasty, local food. I’m going to find and spend time with people living their own full lives.

Do you have a project that’s long overdue and become dusty with neglect? Have you always wanted to draw more, to write? Bring it all with you, my friend. Let’s unearth it and talk about how you can get back to working on it.

Let’s brainstorm over lunch on how to jumpstart your adventurous life. Let’s drink coffee and talk about the old, tired reasons you’re not living your life how you want to deep inside your guts. I want to talk about all the reasons you’ve told yourself your greatest desires won’t work. The reasons you’ve talked yourself out of them. Let’s work out our frustrations a few mornings during the week and eat chips and salsa while contemplating life later in the day.

Now let’s talk about what we’re not going to do. Or here’s what I’m not going to do — you can choose to join me.

I’m not going to do any traditional yoga classes, because I don’t like them. I get bored and too thinky. Does it make me a bad person to admit that in a public forum? I don’t care.

I’m not going to plan each moment during the day so I feel boxed in with little freedom to let events unfold as they may. I’ve found the magic is in the go with the flow.

Also, I’m not going to shop, except for our tasty avocados to make afternoon guacamole. I don’t care about trinkets, there’s no room in my suitcase for them. We are not Eat, Pray, Loving. We are doing so much more than that. Plus, I get tired of the phrase — it pisses me off. As if living a full life can be boiled down to a trite three words.

Let’s talk about nuts and bolts.

I am offering this experience to one or two people. It’s $1250 for the week if you come solo. But what about the buddy system? Bring a friend and let’s all hang out for the week — the cost goes down to $1000 each. We can talk about dates, I’m flexible.

Your cost secures a comfortable and cute shared space to stay for the week. It will be close to the beach, to the tacos we’re going to eat and the workout class that’s going to kick our butt in the mornings. It also gets you a couple surf lessons, or some paddleboard time if that’s your thing. You’ll be responsible for your own food costs, but I expect that will be minimal. After all, we’re in Mexico. We will eat well, but simply.

Here’s a sample – Mexico exclusive itinerary

  • Early morning contemplation and meditation
  • Angel Cards – let’s set our intention for the day
  • Workouts
  • Writing time
  • Cooking
  • Taco time
  • Nap time
  • Surf lesson
  • Paddleboard time

Here’s what you will need to bring for the week:

  • Your yes to being open to all possibilities
  • Bring your baggage in your suitcase and let’s unpack it all. Let’s work through it.
  • A journal to write it all down
  • Sunglasses, bathing suit, and sunscreen
  • Clothes to sweat in
  • Whatever else you need for a week in Mexico

Our week together will give you some space in your head. It will help you see past all the shit that keeps you focused on what you’re not.

If you’re interested we can talk a bit more about what appeals later. Suffice it to say we are going to have a week that you’ll carry home with you.

Be in touch with me if you’re interested in applying for one or both of these spots.

Now tell me, who’s ready to pick up where you left off before life got in the way?