Curated Travel {Italian Edition} • December 28th to January 2nd 

Are you feeling unfulfilled?

Are you looking around, wondering is this it? Is this my life? Wait. I want more. So much more!

Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night terrified you’re wasting your time.

It could be your job, or a business idea that has lain dormant for too long. Or it could be that you’re settling, because you’re scared and making a change seems impossible.

Do you find yourself day dreaming, wishing you had a different life? Are you immersing yourself in the “busy” of endless days so you don’t have to stop and think about what’s really bothering you?

I so get it. I do. I’ve been there. And then I came to a point where not doing anything about it became too much. So I made a change and started saying “yes.”


I’m looking for a small group of women that want to level up this year. Women ready to rest their arms from holding up the status quo, those left wanting more for themselves.

With Rome as our Muse, and the New Year approaching, we’ll pull apart all the reasons you’ve put yourself in a box. Let’s get clear on why you’re not feeling fulfilled with all you’ve accomplished. I want to know what daydreams are on repeat in your brain.

Life doesn’t have to be lived as All or Nothing. Incremental steps are critical to overall happiness.

For five days and nights, we will snuggle into Rome. We’ll show up, asking her to reveal her hidden best. Having experienced Rome all year round, you really can’t go wrong anytime of the year. The holiday season in Rome is a constant delight; I love to put on my walking shoes and wander the city.

You’ll walk right into the Pantheon without breaking stride, and catch the lingering sunset at Villa Borghese without jostling for position. It’s the perfect time to wrap a beautiful Italian scarf around your neck and spend 20 minutes gazing into the Trevi Fountain wishing the wish. You know the one, it whispers to you as you zone out in your Monday morning meeting. It demands your your attention as you sit and read your book at lunch time. It’s waiting to be heard.

That’s the one I want to talk about. Pack it lovingly next to your favorite leather boots, and bring it with you. We’ll unpack it together.

I’m asking you to Say Yes. To All of It.

{The Details}

I have my eye on several lovely private apartments. They’re close to the action. A short walk from inspiration. A cushy bed, and a living room to curl up in while we sip some tea and hash out the things you’ll be making into a reality in the coming months.

The itinerary for 5 nights + days is a combination of two years of frequent trips to the Eternal City. A bit of luxury combined with high speed adventure and plenty of alone time for wandering her twisty cobblestone streets. This is our time together to experience how sweet life can really be.

The evening of the first day we’ll gather over a traditional Italian aperitivo. This traditional gathering ritual with tasty snacks only the Italians can serve up, will be our backdrop as we get to know one another. Finding our first aha! moments and sharing our stories with one another.

I’ve met with the staff at Hotel de Russie and selected from amongst their decadent spa treatments. I’ve asked them to make their facility available to us, so you can enjoy a steam afterwards. With hospitality only the Italians offer, they are awaiting our arrival.

I’ve sat with Annie of Personalized Italy tours over a spritz and discussed our customized itinerary. Designed specifically for our group, it’s a 4-hour adventure carefully constructed to inspire and delight. I want you to lean in to your driver as you motor on the back of his cherry red Vespa with the Coliseum commanding you forward. Close your eyes and revel in this life of yours.

We’ll sit as a group and dig deep into hidden scripts we tell ourselves to stay small + safe. Become aware of the way we hold ourselves back and expose the lies spinning in our heads at 2 am while we lay in bed awake. We will brainstorm new ideas, and  look at all scenarios with a new, fresh perspective.

The best part is between our time together you’ll have plenty of time to explore Rome and get to know her. Or maybe you’ll be saying hello to an old friend. Either way, I find having down time to wander and just be is critical.

Above all I’m asking you to show up with an open mind + bring your heart ready to be cracked open. We’re going to expose it to the possibility of a fulfilling life. To the Yes of Life. Come on, you know you want to say Yes — To All of It.

Feedback from Clients —

“I would recommend Curated Travel to anyone who doesn’t consider vacation a break from “real life.” I would recommend Curated Travel to anyone who wants to see the world and grow their world at the same time.

[If you’re thinking of attending Curated Travel] “Give some thought to a few areas of life you want to address during your time, but be open to whatever comes up. Show up willing to do the work, create your time there with Robyn, and get out and see the world.”

I don’t know that I’ve had the sense that I have right now no matter what it is, [that I’m doing] it’s equal to greater than the credit I give to other people.”

Even all the work I’ve done previously, I’ve never had this sense. Thank you. Because I wouldn’t be creating as I am here right now, at your invitation.”

I feel like I was rebirthed after my time with Robyn. My life has been greatly impacted by this wonderful person.”

Are you ready to welcome in the New Year with a bang?

Email me, to put your name on the list and I’ll be in touch.