Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Currently — Reveling in All Things American

A few days ago I left the East Coast of a country I love and landed on the West Coast of another country I also love and call home. A 12.5 hour flight I mostly worked and slept and did NOT drink the coffee on the flight. I’m here in the Bay Area working on a project I can’t wait to tell you all about very soon.

In between meetings and appointments, I can tell you I’m soaking up ALL the things I love about the States while I’m here. I have a rule to not miss a place I’m not currently inhabiting. So you won’t hear me talk about how much I miss Italian breakfast, handmade pasta, or proximity to the beach. Instead, here’s a short list of things making me happy right now.

The Temperature I feel like Tom Cruise (minus the Scientology Factor) meme when he stood up on Oprah’s couch and started jumping around with joy. I am flipping happy right now. I am not a summer person. I tolerate it. But give me chilly mornings and the opportunity to pull on a sweatshirt and I am at my best. It’s boiling in Italy with close to 100% humidity. My skin was pissed 24/7 and my knees would sweat walking outside for 2 minutes. That’s a lot to take. You can bet I’m soaking up these cool, sweatshirt kind of mornings.

Coffee-to-Go — Not a thing in Italy. You stay at the coffee bar and drink your coffee and then you leave. Which is cool. But oh baby, give me coffee in my favorite to go cup and my chilly morning just got next level. Never mind that it’s not a delicious cappuccino for a Euro. Let’s not think about that. Let’s just focus on the to-go factor.

Friends a Plenty —  I haven’t spent much time in the States as of late and my time on the West Coast has been nil. I really love how mobile and flexible Americans are in general and my friends, especially. I’m staying with dear friends while in town and last week I received a text from a Charleston friend who is going to be in Palo Alto for work. “Want to meet for coffee while I’m in town?” SURE DO!

Another gf of mine, “We’re driving through from LA on our way up north, will you be around for a visit?” You bet I am. Score.

Working in Coffee Shops I’m Living.It.Up. I work for myself and I’m often alone pounding away on the keyboard or having calls with coaching clients. Working around people occasionally is a must. Not really a thing in Italy, I’m back to the land of co-working. The bustle, the comings and goings. The buzz in the air of projects, meetings, and creativity. Loving it. 

Food Options Want a celery juice at 9 on a Sunday morning? No problem. What about a Negra Modelo served in an icy glass amongst the Redwoods? YES. Ok, great, that was my Friday afternoon. If I want a protein shake made with vegetable protein, there’s 6 varieties to choose from. Cool, thanks.

This could be construed as a silly list, but to me it’s representative of the life I built for myself. I’m grateful I took the difficult steps to change it. Rather than just thinking about “how cool it would be.” I did the things to bring the cool. And guess what? It IS everything I thought it could be. I love traveling around and enjoying the best of wherever I am. I love working with women who want to make the same changes in their lives. Thank you Robyn from 4 years ago. You’re the best for putting this in motion.

It used to not be like this and I remember having to report to my desk each morning just because the CEO “Wanted to see me sitting there.” BLAH. I remember being so fed up I would go outside and call my friend and say, “Tell me something about your life right now. Anything. I don’t care if it’s about the errands you’re doing today, because I need to get out of my head.”

I think of this kind of change as a big leap. When you’re so ready to make your life what you want to, that no small step will do. You’re not entirely sure what’s about to come up, but man, YOU’RE READY! Whoooo I hear you! I felt the same. I’m here on the other side to tell you it’s worth it, do it. Do the thing. My life is not perfect. HA! No one’s is! But damn I do love it.

If you’re ready and you need someone to make that leap with you, I hear you. Be in touch, I’ll be over here just enjoying these chilly mornings with my to-go coffee.