All photos are my own or used with permission from Cooking with Rosy.

An Easy Day Trip From Rome: Your Ultimate Local Experience Awaits

Since glimpsing her tumble down ancient ruins and cobble stone alleys in my early 20s, Italy has burrowed herself deep in my heart. I don’t know that I’m special in this regard. Many people, especially Americans, feel strongly about the tiny but mighty boot shaped country halfway across the world.

Over two years ago, my affection for Italy and specifically one of her inhabitants became a more serious love affair. Since then I have lived half time in her, soaking up the slower pace of life while reveling in the craziness of traffic, impassioned conversations around the dinner table, and the food.

Did I Mention the Food?

Oh, dear, the food. And the sharing of it. The love baked and stirred in its preparation. Family recipes carefully passed down from nonna to daughter to daughter. THIS is the stuff of Italy I adore.

No one serves Italy up in delectable plates more effortlessly than Rosy and her momma, Annabella. Don’t bother to name someone else, it’s useless. Taught by her Nonna Iole, I have been lucky enough to dine at Rosy + Annabella’s table watching in glee as delicious family dishes emerge from the kitchen. Annabella samples, Rosy stirs. They pour and exclaim.

Rosy + I toasting last year after Sunday lunch with the family.

Rosy’s latest batch of handmade limoncello made from lemons of the family tree. Every thought you’re thinking right now, I know. I so know.

Rosy rolls out the pasta dough on the chitarra, the traditional method of making pasta in Abruzzo.

The Italians know that cooking together is the way to a strong marriage. Viva l’Italia!

With a glimmer and a shimmer, Sunday afternoon lunch slows to a snails pace maximizing our time around the table. Perfection.

I’m one of the family now. But this experience isn’t exclusive to me. It’s available to you as well. Luckily because of their Italian hospitality and generosity of spirit you’re treated like one of their family when you’re in their home.

In Abruzzo the view is every bit worthy of an inviting table.

Sharing Their Traditions

Wanting to share their traditions with others they have been welcoming people into their homes for a traditional Italian cooking experience. During the class, they show you how to prepare pasta alla chitarra, their secrets to the perfect ravioli, and most of all how to pour love into every bite. That’s the Italian way. It’s their way.

Best of all, after you’ve laughed your way through meal preparation, you’ll sit as a family and enjoy your hard work. The wine flows freely and Rosy brings out her handmade limoncello as you laze around the table basking in the glow of a meal well done. Good food has a language all it’s own, but not to worry, Rosy, a native Italian, is also fluent in both German and English making for easy communication.


Fiadoni, three different kinds of cheese and some family secrets all baked into a bite size piece of heaven.

Annabella helps carefully measure the flour for the pasta. She knows the difference is in the details.

After a lovely 4 hours of cooking and eating, big smiles all around.

Antipasti of pecorino cheese, Rosy’s peperoncino jam, and local meat.

Need to Know Details

How To Get There: The Abruzzo Region, where Rosy + Annabella’s table awaits, is a short and gorgeous two hour bus ride from Rome. With luxury (and affordable) buses leaving Rome’s Tiburtina Station multiple times per day, you can catch a morning bus and easily be back in time for a Roman dinner. If you’re hungry, which you won’t be. I’m sure you’ll trust me on this one.

Once You’re There: No need to worry about transportation once you arrive, Rosy will pick you up and drop you at the station. You’ll be old friends by the time she drops you at the station, wondering why you didn’t spend more time in Abruzzo. If you want a piece of Abruzzo to take home with you, it’s likely Rosy will have some  of her famous peperoncino jam and her drool worthy bottles of limoncello on hand to take back home for savoring.

Cooking Class: Your cooking class will last 3 hours followed by a proper Italian lunch. You’ll be dining on the goodies you’ve just made plus some additions. When you arrive Rosy + Annabella will have everything set up ready to go for each of you to learn and then taste your face off. Mmmmmm. The cost for the class + transportation to and from the bus station is 165 EURO per couple. Have a group? Perfect! Contact Rosy she will be able to help you plan everything.

Contacting Rosy: You can catch up with Rosy on Facebook or Instagram. Also to note, If you’re going to be (or like to be) in Abruzzo for longer than a day Rosy has a few different experiences available, all with her as a private guide. Score! All you have to do is ask, she would love to help you with all your Abruzzo travel.