Fall Vibes for the Weekend


I want to hear from my fall lovers. You know who you are. When others are crying about the end of summer we’re stocking up on pumpkin and bookmarking recipes for some weekend baking. I want to know who’s checking the weather every morning and cursing the humidity while lauding the crispness. Forsaking the sandals and pulling out the flats? Yearning for a sweater? You.Are.My.People.

I spent last fall in Nashville as they experienced one of the warmest fall’s on record. Wah wah. This year I’m in Charleston. I step outside in my flats and wilt. Sometimes I whimper. Then I buck up, pour a crisp glass of white with a cute label that suckered me in and start baking. With abandon.

It’s all going to be alright, ya’ll. My fall woes and whatever is going on with you over there. In the meantime I’ve done us a solid and curated the heck out of some links. Because nothing says love like curation. Amirite?


This woman got the job done and then some. She asked for help when she needed it and carried on. I pretty much love this.

Not just about pasta, but change your life by opening your table for community. An inspiring story.

Know someone who’s likable and you’re not sure why? Here’s 11 habits that may be contributing to their likable factor. 

Brené Brown’s number one life hack for lasting relationships.

A powerful argument why doing too much prevents you from doing anything well.

Ciao for Now!