{Florence} Dàvid

I’m not really a museum girl. Sure, there have been times I’ve been in the groove and pondered, meandered, and really enjoyed myself in museums across Europe. But there have been many other times I couldn’t run back out of the front entrance fast enough.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Florence. On both of my previous visits I had toured the Accademia and gazed upon the greatness of David. Given I’ve seen him twice, I probably wouldn’t have gone back this time if it wasn’t for a couple of Operation Vicarious requests.

I’m grateful I went back.

I forgot how impressive he is. How physically imposing. He’s elevated on a stone altar making it easier to gaze at him from every viewpoint. All 360 degrees. Dàvid doesn’t take a bad picture. Every angle, impressive. The hands that defeated Goliath are huge.

Michelangelo carved him from a piece of marble that had been exposed and laying about in the elements for years. When he was commissioned to carve David, Michelangelo was just 26 years old and dedicated more than 2 years of his life to the project.

I don’t know about you, but at 26 I could barely get out of my own way and thought a month commitment to a gym was a lifetime.

{Pro tip} — If you’re visiting the Galleria dell’Accademia, plan ahead and buy your tickets online. For a few extra dollars reserve your ticket with a specific time for entrance, bypassing the general admission line that often snakes around the corner. No thanks. Especially in the height of tourist season during the hot Florentine summer.