Focus on Building the New

I think of the old as a husk, dry and brittle. Used up and mostly shucked from my body. Barely hanging on and ready to blow away when the breeze kicks up.

I don’t notice it hanging on. My face is turned away. Toward the new. To the chapter unfolding in front of me.

I watch as the book is laid open and the spine cracks signaling the game is on.

Travel hastens these moments for me. Calls for the Robyn who’s set on building the new. This is why The Roman Adventure begins with group sessions all together. Wherever you are right now, we’re going to turn your face toward the next chapter.

Cast off the old and prepare you to hear the satisfying crack of YOUR unwritten book. Rome will call you too. She’ll turn your face away from your old and toward the sun of your new.

I’m looking for Adventurers who are looking for the sun of the new. Ready to call out the mediocrity of settling. To set a direction and go towards it. I’m looking for women who won’t settle for this any longer.