Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

Full-Assing Our Way into 2019

Consider this your invitation. An invite to join me for full-assing ourselves right on into 2019.

Full-assing is half-assing all grown up. If half-assing means to do something with little effort or care, then full-assing must mean to do something with maximum effort or care. To grab your ass with both hands and put all your effort into a thing, task, or encounter. Errr… something like that. Let’s talk about what this looks like in real life.

  1. The Toothbrush TaleHalf-ass — I have a fancy toothbrush. I have not been using it with regularity for longer than I care to admit. Instead I’ve been reaching for the cheap Oral B. Which is fine, but how half-assy can one get? Full-ass — I dug through the bathroom closet and found the damn thing and then dug some more for the cord. Charged it and have used it twice. Result: I feel like a total self-care achiever just for plugging it in and making it a priority. Eureka!
  2. Finishing TouchesWe’ve been moved in for about three months and the time feels like a blur. We had no furniture, car, or much of anything for that matter. So of course it took time. But now it’s time to finish the space out and get organized. Half-ass — the top of my dresser has been a hot mess of random papers, some socks, and no rhyme or reason. I’m over it! I want a cozy bedroom that makes me feel chill when I walk in. Full-ass I straightened it up, brought out some candles, and wheeled in the cute cart from IKEA to sit alongside it. Result: I popped out of bed this morning, lit the candles, and started the essential oil diffuser. Then settled back in bed propped up against the pillows and read my book. I feel like a Zen Queen in that space. 
  3. Music in the MorningHalf-ass — I love to listen to podcasts or music in the morning. Usually I just put it on my phone, turn up the volume, and call it good. Full-ass — I connected some music to the external speaker this morning and jammed out while making eggs. Result: I didn’t strain to hear it, I danced around, and when I had to run to the living room for a minute I could still hear it. Man this sounds insignificant. But taking the extra step to put my space in order for MYSELF makes me feel important. To the one person I want to feel most important to. ME. 

Now it’s your turn. Get out your journal. A place you write the things for yourself. Because you’re the most importantist (totally made-up word). I want you to brainstorm and write down some concrete ways you’ve been half-assing and you’re ready to full-ass. They don’t have to be earth shattering, we just talked about plugging in a toothbrush for pity’s sake. BUT, it’s the intention behind it. You’re honoring yourself. It’s the foundation of all you are and do.

The New Year is focused on resolutions, making them and not breaking them and everything in between. I say screw the resolutions on the 1st. Instead start NOW and let’s begin granularly.

Get specific on who you want to be. Let’s make a list and then start ticking them off. Ask yourself, how do I want to show up for myself? What about in the world? What’s important to me and who do I want to become? How can I show myself I’m the most importantist?

Lest you think it’s selfish, I promise it’s the most giving action you can take. Because once you do this for yourself, you’ll show up with an overflowing cup from which to pour for everyone else.