Gather Your Crew

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require help. I don’t necessarily mean bail out of jail kind of help. But hey! No judgement here, if you need some bail money then you must have had a crazy night. More power to you.

But by “help” I was referring more to life advice and BS-free feedback. Rather than hearing what you want to hear, they are willing to piss you off and tell you what you need to hear.

If you are surrounded by people willing to endure your wrath simply to help you by saying the hard truth, you are living life my friend.

I have these people in my life. Not by accident mind you. By design. Sometimes I need them to tell me when I’m acting like an A-hole. When I’m making excuses for myself, a situation, or someone else.

When I’m not entertaining all possibilities. When I’m acting stubbornly and cutting myself off from opportunities based on ego. They show up and drop the hammer. It can sting, but upon acceptance of said advice, the steps forward are GOLD.

The sting fades. The growth remains.

But here’s the thing. You have to do the work up front. You have to find your people. More importantly you have to be that person for others. This is a two way street, baby.

The payoff is big. These real deal people make up your crew. Your relationships will be rich in love, support, and respect. Also, when you need that help I was talking about earlier, they are there and ready.

You don’t have to second guess them or their message. You may choose to not take their advice, which is ok; you’re the boss applesauce.

But hear them out. Let the tidbits of awesome they rain down on you seep in and color your perspective. You won’t regret it.