I Hope You Have a Weekend for the Books


I have a big ole Friday in front of me packed with all kinds of good stuff. Meetings, catch up phone calls with old friends, and a trip to the Genius Bar to try and revive my very tired Mac. Wah, wahhhhhhh. I’m sure it will all be well. The spinny wheel when I’m trying to work is killing me.

This weekend we’re headed to the Burbs to see some friends and have a couple of favorites just returning from a year in Rome to catch up with. The only question is, are they still in the mood for pasta or are we thinking tacos? TBD.

We’re heading out this week for some 4th of July fun, what are your plans for the holiday?


Whatever you have planned, I’ve gathered the latest gold from around the web for your weekend enjoyment. 

Be still my heart. If you’re headed to the birthplace of pasta this summer, Genoa, they’ve just passed a flying and tourism initiative named ‘Il Pesto e Buono’ meaning Pesto is Good. If you buy some genuine pesto Genovese, you can take up to 500 ml home on the plane. Hey Italy! I like where your head is at.

Up on YogaByCandace today is a piece by me helping you out with 5 Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibe. Consider getting rid of some clutter or going outside to remind yourself how small our problems really are. A few times a week when I’ve had too much screen time I grab my bike and pedal leisurely around the city looking at big old houses and even bigger trees. It does the trick every time.

I love this piece by Cup of Jo. I SO love Instagram stories. Both making them and watching others. I think I’ll do a roundup and share my favorites. Also, would love to hear yours as well!

Refinery29 surveyed 1,000 women about their bodies and 73% responded that wearing a swimsuit at the pool or beach is one of the most stressful situations they face. WHOA. Every body is a beach body. Take your body to the beach. Boom. Beach body. Love this article and untouched beach photos of women at the beach.

It’s true, trips to Europe in the summer are super pricey. But fall is the jam anyway, trust me. Google Flights is one of my go to’s for scouring interwebs for good deals. Great times and only one stop (sometimes direct) can get you a RT ticket from the US over to Rome or Paris for around $800 or less.

In what feels like another life I was a Marine Biologist. I know, so long ago and much different from now. During graduate school while earning my Masters I took oodles of environmental classes and have always been a huge recycler and concerned about the environment. For me, having a go to mug/bottle/cup for travel is important to me. I love the sleek design and double insulation of this beauty by Byta. Started by the wordsmith, Jedidiah Jenkins, and his buddies, I’m looking forward to having it in my hot little hands and traveling everywhere with it.

Those are my deep thoughts for this week!

Ciao for Now!