I Asked + It Came.

There have been instances in my life where I just knew whatever was at hand was going to work out. I wasn’t worried and I knew. A plane ticket I wanted that was going to show up with the best times and the perfect price. A sticky situation that was going to unravel itself and be just fine. It was almost a non-issue and I spent no time planning or dealing with it, because I knew it was already in the bag.

I love that feeling and when I try to hold it too close it disappears like smoke. Like a dream I can’t remember 10 minutes after waking. So I’ve learned to let it run far and wide knowing it’s there for me and will show back up when it’s go time.

This is the thought I had about finding an apartment in Charleston. As in South Carolina. This isn’t so much a story of a particular thing. But of the asking and knowing.

Starting February 1st Mimmo and I will be moving to Charleston while he does a portion of his residency at the medical university. While I’m looking forward to living there, I had never set foot in the city save for a quick airport layover a couple decades ago.

Finding a decent furnished apartment in February in a University town is no small feat. This was abundantly apparent after I called around to some rental agencies and made inquiries with friends that live in the city. Whatever, I had a plan.

The plan was so small I should have been embarrassed. (1) It involved checking Craigslist and (2) making a specific list of exactly what I wanted. I mean down to the dollar amount we wanted to spend per month and the terms of the lease.

I asked for great light and wood floors. I asked for flexible lease terms and an apartment in a great location, in a good neighborhood. I asked for a specific dollar amount AND that the dollar amount to include utilities. I asked for a furnished apartment filled with lovely things. Then at the bottom I wrote “It’s not my job to figure out the why or how, it’s my job to be clear on my intentions on what I’m looking for.”

Then I would turn to the page in my journal several times per week and re read it. And just think about it.

After multiple calls and searching for days I had two appointments the weekend I was in town. The first one, I was pretty sure was a no. A nice apartment, but the location was wrong and it was too dark. I went anyway to see it and thanked the owner. But no, not for us. The second surprised the shit out of me.

As we were walking to see the apartment my girlfriend remarked, “Oh wow. I’m new to town, but this is a great location for sure. You’re just a block from Broad.” OK, check number one.

We used the code to enter the building and the apartment and the ceilings were supersized. The sun was streaming in drenching everything in goodness. Check. The apartment was huge, with wood floors throughout and the furnishings charming. Double.Check.

I had Mimmo on FaceTime so he could walk the apartment with me. Choosing a long term space on behalf of someone else is not ideal. No way was I signing without him weighing in. As I walked the rooms we both loved it and the huge private terrace was a total bonus.

I had a few more places I knew were coming up for rent, but really this one was fab. I called the owner and had a chat with her. Lovely woman. This was her first place she bought as a young woman and she held on to it for a rental. Also, she’s half Italian. Oh, be still my heart.

Fast forward to now, almost Christmas time. We have a signed lease on this beauty and we’re looking forward to moving in. The lovely owner even allowed us to begin the lease a few days in advance so we could get settled a few days before Mimmo’s first day of work. Flexible lease. Check.

As for the rest of the items on the list, I went back and looked afterwards and realized that the price point is exactly what I had asked for all the weeks prior. INCLUDING the utilities. I blew myself away with this feat of manifestation.

Here’s my take home after this experience and the conversation I had with myself. Robyn, (and you reading this), remember this feeling of knowing. Remind yourself to ask with specificity and details. Recall how it felt in your bones. How you knew it was going to all be ok. Go about making it happen with forward movement. Make the calls, do the work. But know in your bones it’s already signed, sealed, and delivered.