Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

I’ll Be Elsewhere

When I’m in Italy I’m more insulated from the news that comes out of the States. Partly because of the time difference, but also because the madness of my country feels so far away. It would be easy to bury my head and think only about food and wine. Believe me, I want to. Especially because when someone dies we all know, but don’t actually know, or when a national tragedy happens I often don’t know what to say.

Or how to be. And then my Facebook feed erupts into petty, useless arguments with name calling and capital letters and fingers pointed at each other. I know enough to close it down. FAST. Because I’m sick to death of all of that. Instead I’m spending my energy contacting people I want to be in touch with. And taking steps I see fit. Donating and calling where and when I want to.

The issue isn’t simple and neither is the answer. And neither is my response to it all. I’m sure we all feel a version of the same. So if you see me on Facebook talking about food and wine and pretty doors, that’s because I’m intentionally choosing to use my space in that way.


I have one link for you this week. 

These are the heroes of Parkland.

Ciao for Now!