Is This the Best Spot?

Not only will we be meeting each other on video chat for 13 weeks of group coaching, but we’ll also be traveling to Rome.

We’re a small group and I have carefully tailored our days. Plenty of time for us to meet as a group and mine for gold, experience Rome as a local, and also time for you to lose yourself in her streets.

I love to plan travel almost as much as the travel itself. There’s so much gold in picturing yourself walking down a cobblestone street, stopping in for a bite, and wandering around in the perfect neighborhood. This is what I’ve done for the group.

With my countless trips to Rome over the past few years and the collective knowledge of my network, I’ve put together the perfect mix of time together as a group and time to yourself to let the magic of travel take over. You won’t have to guess where to eat. Or wonder if you’re spending your time in the best way possible to know the Eternal City inside and out. No need to stress if the pizza is great where you are or if you should go a couple of spots down.

I’ll show you. My hidden spots and my automatic go-to’s when in Rome. My faves and the ones that pull on heart strings. I’ll show you.

Adventurer, this is just what you’ve been looking for. Let’s talk. Contact me and let’s see if The Roman Adventure if for you. Maybe it’s not. But maybe it is and you’re not going to know unless you make the first step of contacting me.