This Isn’t Vacation, This Is Life.

Mexico is the first place I’ve been since I have upgraded my life to a 5 by 5 ft storage unit. I hope you noticed my word choice, I feel like I’ve conquered my own world.

As I meet people here in San Pancho, they all want to know where I’m from. A perfectly normal question, but also a tricky one for me to answer concisely without boring them to death. I’ve settled on: most recently I’ve had an apartment in Portland, but before that I lived in Seattle for 12 years. Currently all my belongings are in a storage unit and I live half time in Italy. When I’m not there, I’m wherever I wish. I’ll be in San Pancho for about another month.

What a mouth full.

If they haven’t already peaced out and left me standing there talking to myself, I’ll treat them to a Chelada, the best beach sipping beverage in the history of ever.

Since accouncing my Curated Travel, Mexico Edition I’ve had a fair amount of interest. Emails have flown back and forth and dates have been discussed, but sometimes plans change, I get it. But not my plans, the offer still stands.

In case anyone else wants to come down and unpack your fears and cast of the tethers that are holding you back from living life exactly how you want to, I’ll be here for another month.

I’ll be sitting at this table working on my writing projects, feverishly flipping through my Italian language flashcards, and making big plans for what’s next.

I’ll be outlining my memoir and thinking about Curated Travel, Italian Edition. I’ll be looking closely at my own recent challenges and unpacking what’s really going on behind the scenes.

I’ll be walking to get the Verde Vida smoothie right after my 6:30 am sweat fest with Carlos. Or I may change my mind and go for the Aloha Açai Bowl; they’re both dripping with good health and so damn delicious.

When I need a break maybe I’ll be taking a surf lesson or two in Sayulita.

I’ve located the best of the best for us. But that’s not why you want to come down. Nah, that’s just icing on the cake. Really, the reason is because you are ready to start living your best life. You’re feeling like there’s so much more for you. You’ve been thinking this for years, or maybe its just occurred to you. You’re bored! Bored and frustrated with how you’ve been living. It’s confining and doesn’t fit you any longer.

You’re ready to make some steps forward, but you need a helping hand. Some inspiration! You’re scared, but willing to step into the magic of I don’t know. You’re ready for someone to remind you of who you are and support whom you’re becoming.

I so, so understand this feeling. If you feel like your time is now and you’re ready to take a step forward to where you want to be, let me know. Details can be found here. When you’re ready, you know how to get in touch with me.