Let the Adventure In

Here I am standing with the Pantheon at my back and a battle cry of my own laying at my feet. After I left Portland all those years ago with my life in ashes around my feet I promised myself I was embracing my next chapter fully.

I acknowledged if I wanted something different for myself, it was time to act differently. To conduct myself in a new way. I’m going to Say Yes, I promised myself. I had a conversation n the shuttle on the way to the airport and then again in my journal while I was flying over the Atlantic.

While you’re adventuring Robyn, it’s your job to Say Yes. Because you never know what’s yours and coming for you.

Our work is opening the door and letting it in. Let the Adventure in. You never know the version of yourself waiting on the other side of the door.

Adventurer, I’m talking to you.

If you’ve been reading my posts about The Roman Adventure and thinking about them long after you closed the email. If you saved them to look again later or talked about them to your friend. If you pulled out your notebook and started a new list resolved to make changes.

I’m talking to you.

Let’s talk about adventuring together, Roman style. And you know. You know if this is for you. You might be scared to open the door all the way open. And that’s ok. But what about a crack? What about opening in a crack to see if your next chapter is on the other side?

This isn’t about a trip to Rome. Or a group coaching program. It’s about giving yourself permission to take the first serious step toward where you want to go. This is about your life.

This is not a retreat. This is your battle call.

If you’re scared as all get out that 2019 is going to be like 2018, 2017, and shoot back more years than you can count and that twists your belly, then take take a small step. A small yes and let’s chat. Here’s the link to set up a call this week. I’ve blocked out time for you.