Life in Italy — Pump Class For the Win!

Hiiii It’s been just over a week living back in Italy and most things are running smoothly, just a few more to go. It’s the little things that make a difference on the daily. I work for myself and in my home, so I’ve been experimenting with working at the kitchen table versus in the living room. Both are great and the sunlight is fab, especially in the afternoon.

There’s a gym a five minute walk from my home. Game changer for me, in this Italian life of mine. I went to a “Pump” class this morning. Loved it. All the women were so nice and welcoming. The instructor was funny and made me laugh more than a few times and I sweated my face off. All my antics are documented in my Instagram story.

A big portion of Pump class is the good old Reebok Step. I am a total pro at Step. Even when I haven’t done it in YEARS, it comes rushing back to me circa 1994. I was perma smile the whole time. Listening to her count down in Italian…cinque, quattro, tre, due, uno…I think the instructor was surprised that I didn’t miss many steps. Yessss.

I also got to practice my Italian, claim a little piece of my neighborhood for myself and walked away feeling super accomplished. Win all the way around. I share this because sometimes it’s not so easy to live in another country. Believe me, I have my moments and will be sharing them here as well. I’m not down with sugarcoating this space. But this week, total win.

And now you, gentle readers, what kinds of things went on this week for you?


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your weekend reading. 

This guy breaks down a country’s geography down. Super interesting and informative! Here’s his episode for Italy.

The skinny on coffee and ordering this magic liquid in Italy. This is SPOT on!

I’ve been listening to this podcast, LORE. All about the dark historical tales that fuel our modern superstitions. Each episode explores the world of mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places. Love it.

Writers, aspiring writers, people that love a writer. I found so many nuggets in this interview of Dani Shapiro with Marie Forleo. To Note — She talks about how to tell your story when it involves other people. It made total sense. I was nodding the whole interview.

And finally, every time this cat sticks its head through this box it tries on a wig. Hahahahhaaaaaaaaa

Ciao for Now!