Photo by: Mimmo Mastrodicasa

Little Bits of Awe•some

I don’t like to use the word awesome. Ever since the Internet killed it years ago it’s been on my “meh” list. But in this phrase, I like how it fits.

In its truest form, its an adjective meaning: extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear. I’m on board with this. We need more impressive + daunting things in our lives.

Earlier today on a client call I heard myself exclaim this phrase a couple of times. In the context of, I want you to ignore the chatter in your head, and instead focus on the bits of awesome in front of you.

We all do it. I KNOW I do. We get wrapped up in whatever thoughts are swirling in our head and miss the pretty neato things going on right in front of my face. How to spot the awesome?

I’m glad you asked.

Awesome comes in many forms. Little things like the first drink of your morning coffee. Your dog that is beside himself with glee when he sees you. Don’t have a dog? Me neither.

How about the afternoon phone call with a friend that gets your juices flowing with plans for an upcoming event, party, coffee date? Or the feeling of accomplishment as you put the finishing touches on a dinner you cooked, an email you slaved over, or a new idea that popped into your head you took some action on. You get the picture.

The thing is, if you’re so busy looking backward or you’re consumed with anxiety as you peer forward, the bits of awesome can easily get lost in the shuffle.

If you’re lucky they will keep showing up to get your attention. Like little flags waving right in front of your face, demanding attention.

Heyyyyyyyy! Hey you! I’m right here! Why are you STILL thinking of that random two year old interaction and your hurt feelings rather than me? I’m showing up RIGHT NOW and I need your attention!

If they keep bothering to show up long after being ignored for so long, consider yourself lucky.

We all have our shit that swirls inside our head. You, me, your neighbor, and the dude that’s working the counter at Dunkin Donuts.

Tell the shit to take a back seat. Even if just for five minutes so you can fix your gaze past it to the awesome waving in the distance. Even this small movement will make a difference in your daily life. I promise.