Out the oval window of an airplane looking at the wing.

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

Feeling Fresh off a Long Flight — My Top 6 Flying Tips

Last week I flew from Italy to the States for about 48 hours on the ground. Since Phoenix doesn’t directly connect with Rome I was on four flights in three days time. I flew Delta and had no issues with timing, luggage, nothing. Delta for the win.

I also managed not to get sick, show up pretty chipper, and even managed to crack jokes throughout my two days of meetings. Whew! That was luck…and skill. While we all have our tried and true tips for making travel as easy as possible, here are a few of mine that I swear help with the “I just landed and look so fresh” feeling. —

Just say no to coffee + tea on the plane.

If you’re not aware of why, I’m sorry for what you’re about to read.  This article  is a good primer.  Hint — The same potable water flowing in the bathroom is also used to make your lukewarm, bitter Starbucks.  NO thanks. Also, I asked a flight attendant myself last week and she emphatically shook her head no and said “Not only do I not drink it, but I have forbidden my entire family to as well.”

Probably because, according to this VICE article, one flight attendant interviewed very plainly said, “We recently had a test for E. coli in our water and it didn’t pass, and then maintenance came on and hit a couple buttons and it passed.”

Where’s the throw up emoji when you need it?

Wipe down your area. Well —

As much as you can, I’m talking the entertainment console, the armrests, your light above, the seat back in front of you and the tray. Wipe it all down with some wipes. I bet the same stuff you can find on a hotel remote control is also lurking on those surfaces. Nope.

Forgo alcohol on the plane and go all in on water —

I know, I know, not a popular opinion, but the air is dry, the wine not great, (unless you’re in first class) and if it’s served in a plastic glass I’m going with no, thanks. Rather than this mediocre experience, the bigger priority for me is feeling as good as I can when I land. Which does not involve being trapped 30,000 feet in the sky, recycled stale air swirling around me while sipping a cup of Sauvignon Blanc from a plastic cup. Instead, I’m the jerk with the huge bottles of water I bought at Hudson Books so I can go to the bathroom every two minutes and feel like a human when we land.

Sorry I’m not at all sorry.

Skip the majority of the plane meal —

Most of the time I pack my own lunch and snacks onto the plane. If I’ve been rushing all around and didn’t have time then I’ll usually pick at the offerings eating the fresh stuff with the occasional piece of cheese — who doesn’t love a piece of Tillamook? The food is pre-packaged and filled with a bunch of chemicals. Plus, do I really need to eat several times on the plane? I’m not exerting any energy other than cuing up my next movie or walking to the bathroom 72 times. All hail the aisle seat.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible —

For me this means I’m swapping my contacts for glasses and I have the eye drops on hand. I sometimes will put on a facemask or eye pads and I’m wearing comfortable clothes. Especially loose fitting pants. NOTHING worse than flying in tight jeans. Makes me shiver to even think about it. I also pack a big scarf to use around my shoulders. Protip — While having a blanket and pillow on the plane is nice, the ones they give you are washed infrequently. Think every 2 months infrequently. So don’t put them up by your face and be sure and keep your hands clean. But not with bathroom water, Because, well, because we already talked about that.

Jet Lag Prevention —

All of the above can help out with the hallmark jet lag effects — sleep depravation, fatigue, drowsiness, and over all craptastic feelings while you’re trying to enjoy your holiday or be effective in meetings. But I round out my flying time by taking this random little homeopathic pill one of my friends told me about years ago, No Jet Lag. Chewable, you take one upon take off, one every couple of hours while in the air and then one when you land. Wah-lah. I swear by these and tell everyone I know to get some. Made in New Zealand, they’re available on Amazon.

Do you have flying tips you swear by? Drop them in the comments, I always love hearing about new ways to make flying more comfortable and enjoyable!