Look For Your Next Step, Downstream

This topic came up last week in a session with a one-on-one coaching client of mine. She was looking into (and stressing) about the future. I share the gist of the conversation here because I think we all have done this ourselves. I know I have. And when I am, this is what I do —

When we’re thinking too far in the future rather than living in the moment it does two things:

1. It gives us anxiety trying to figure out all the things and
2. It takes us out of the present moment and what’s right in front of us

If we’re always in the future, then we’re never actually living our life. Our actual lives. We’re always somewhere else. I say nope to that.

When this pops up, my advice to clients (and myself) is to take the next step in front of you that just feels good.

What does good mean?

Good means it feels inspired. Or, it landed on your lap. It’s the definition of ease. Of flow. Think of it this way: If you pushed off the bank of a river and were in the middle of it sitting in a canoe, you have two choices. You can either paddle like hell to see what’s upstream or you can say “Huh, well I’m going to see what’s down this way,” and point your canoe downstream.

You don’t paddle at all and let the river take you.

Ask yourself in any given moment, “What’s downstream right now? What would an inspired step look like?” It could be replying to an email that popped up in your inbox asking about your business services. It could be overhearing a conversation while in the grocery store that sounded so interesting you wanted to do some research on it. Then you realized there’s a new book out about the topic and it felt aligned with something you would like to learn about.

The next steps doesn’t mean it’s a big earth shattering thing. It could be so undercover and easy AND still 100% be right for you and on your path.

The thing is, when you’re in the present moment and not living 10 steps ahead, you’re in the mindset to be able to pick up on the clues around you. But if you’re focused ahead they will sound like white news and not even register.

It’s all about taking the inspired action in front of you. And once you take that one, take the next one that pops up and so on. And before you know it, you ARE ten steps down the road.

But you didn’t jump there or get anxious about it. You really narrowed down your gaze, looked just ahead, and took the next step. Which is an exercise in patience, truly. Because we’re conditioned to look forward.

Back it up to what’s right in front of you and to what feels good. Then take that action and then the next one and then the next one until you realize things have clicked into place. Just. Like. That.
Have some goals you would like to meet but find you just keep putting them off? Is there the ONE thing that you have always wanted to do, and you never really work on it? I understand.

Message me here if you’re interested in doing some one-on-one work, making a plan, and working toward your goals. I currently have room for two clients in my calendar.