Two little girls walking with arms around each other.

Look to the Left — We’re All the Same

This past month I have been involved with a group of women entrepreneurs discussing fear. What their fears are, how it holds them back, and what to do about it.

A short cheat sheet of what I’ve been reminded of these past 30 days:

  1. We’re all the same —We totally are, at the core of it all. We’re all good people, wanting to make worthwhile work, in the best way possible. And sometimes we get in our own way. And to let the magic (dare I say magic) flow we have to move ourselves out. But how?
  2. Tools, tricks and tips —

    Managing our fear, putting the things we’re most hesitant to do on our to-do list. Setting goals and taking one bite and then another. On the daily. Getting really quiet and listening to ourselves. Calling a fellow maker and doer and asking them to hold us accountable for producing the thing we’re running the hardest from.

    And often it’s about acknowledging what’s underneath the fear. And that involves listening to yourself. Not your great Aunt Betty who “doesn’t know why you’re doing that anyway.” Jeeeez. You. Listen to you.

  3. Stop being so damn hard on yourself —

It all comes back to number one on the list. We’re all the same doing the best we can. The perfect thing to be doing with life. Say it with me, the best we can. So if you’re feeling fearful, turn to the person standing next to you at the event or maybe even the line at the grocery store and strike up a conversation. Skip the talk about the weather and go all in. I think it will surprise you how fast you can connect with others.