Living your Florentine dream…Together

Operation Vicarious {Florence}

A couple of weeks ago, I made an offer to my friends. And through them, to their friends. And so on. I was heading back to Italy. To Florence, specifically. I wanted to offer a project I had been percolating on for a bit. Inspiration struck and I made a video. Using video in my projects is a new thing, and I think it really fits well with Operation Vicarious. To provide a realistic experience of Florence, video is much better than a picture.

I expected some of my friends to watch it. I knew I would get a couple of good requests + experiences. I did not expect that it would be shared over and over. Almost 900 people watched me offer to take vicarious Florentine experiences on their behalf. I was ready to vicarious on everyone’s behalf. I may have panicked for a split second, as I planned on how to make time for all of the requests. It only took me a second to push those thoughts down where they belong and see this for what it is – an opportunity.

Fortunately, all 900 people didn’t make a request. I’m like a special flavor of gelato — only here for a limited time. Also, some requests just weren’t feasible. While I would love to take a few weeks to travel around on a motorcycle, it will have to be another time. Sorry, Rob. But some are spot on and have been added to the list.

The Vicarious List:

  1. Drink the best wine. Lots.
  2. Eat a big fat piece of pizza.
  3. Climb to the top of the Campanile for a view of the Duomo.
  4. Eat all the gelato in the world. (I may have embellished this one a bit. It’s the one fluid sentence I speak in Italian. Plus…gelato.)
  5. Feast my eyes on David’s bootie.
  6. Ride the carousel in Piazza Della Repubblica. (But not right after the wine, pizza, and gelato.)

I’m like Nike: Just doing it!

All of it. And I’m taking you along with me. I’ll be adding more videos (which will show up below) as I knock new items off the list. If you have a request, let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Operation Vicarious is a GO!

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