Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

The Perfect Pair: Mid-Week Cleanse + Weekend Parties

We’re loaded up with holiday parties this weekend which means let’s eat and drink and be merry. Also, did I mention all the eat and drinking? Oy. Which is why Mimmo and I spent three days this week on an anti-inflammatory eating program. Just a quick mid-week boost. The prep work was not fun, but the eating itself was just fine. I was full 24/7 and got to the point I didn’t want to put one more thing in my mouth. I’m feeling pretty good heading into the weekend of festivities.

It’s going to be 65 degrees here today, which is nuts to think Christmas is rounding the bend. With our move shortly after the New Year I  decided no on Christmas cards and passed on the tree as well. I’m feeling solid about these decisions. I’m all about cutting myself slack.


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your weekend reading. 

For the past year in the States I have been consuming enormous numbers of books. Pretty much loving it. Vogue put together a new juicy list they read in 2017, which means I’ll be making a new order soon.

What happens to your hotel soap after you check out? If you stayed in one of the hotels that participates in this program, yay! If not, booo let’s get them onboard.

I’ve needed a battery pack for awhile and this one fits the bill perfectly. Rose gold is on its way.

After American Airlines mangled my bag earlier this year I used the credit to purchase a new checked bag. I rarely check a bag UNLESS we’re moving house between continents. Then it’s all about how much I can jam in. I needed something super light, easy to use, and nice to look at. This one fit the bill. But I ordered the Rose Gold color. Of course.

Ciao for Now!