Podcast Round Up

Hi. My name is Robyn and I’m a podcast addict. 

Are you an addict too? I get it. Given how much I love them I suspect it’s like trying to choose between your children. I can’t. Instead, I’ve laid them out in all their glory here. These babies are pretty much constant company for me as I listen to them much of the day.

I’m always discovering new ones, editing my lists, and changing it up. The below is not a comprehensive guide, but my most current mentions. As I tallied them all up it’s clear I love storyteller podcasts and learning from other people’s experiences. Perfect.

Although this is not a podcast, I listen to Abraham-Hicks on Youtube all the time. If you’re not familiar with their work, listen to this Oprah interview with them first. It will tell you everything you need to know.

If you like what you hear, there are a ton of audio clips on Youtube. They also have a whole set of great meditations I love as well.

Without further ado here are they are, I hope you enjoy!


Comedy Podcasts

My Favorite Murder
Two comedic women sit around and discuss murders, murderers and serial killers. I know, it sounds super questionable. But if you’re a fan of true crime or like to delve into psychology, this pretty much takes the cake. Also lots of F-bombs which I thoroughly enjoy. Like a ten.

The Mortified Podcast
This podcast is so embarrassingly familiar I find myself grimacing along with the reader as they recount their diary entries from their childhood. Also my palms start to sweat in sympathy. They’re not aloud to edit what they wrote and it’s so so good.

TBTL-Too Beautiful to Live
I have been listening to these guys for years. It’s basically like two of your favorite guy friends shooting the shit about stupid stuff. I do lots of eye rolling at their antics.

Story Telling Based Podcasts

The Moth
Classic podcast that’s been around for a long time. They also have a ton of live events around the country. The episodes usually have a theme and the stories told have to be true and in first person. The format is pretty cookie cutter, so I can listen to an episode or two and then I switch to something else. But a good listen for sure.

This American Life
This has been a radio show on NPR for years and years so there’s a ton of back episodes. Narrated by Ira Glass, this show deep dives into meaty topics and also fun ones too. Each one is an hour long and this show has won numerous awards.

Dear Sugar
Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and her co-host Steve Almond read letters and answer them in this advice podcast. All kinds of questions that we’re scared to ask and they answer them with all kinds of empathy. It’s real and raw and I’m a fan.

The host, Lea, was a producer on The Moth for a long time and this podcast is her storytelling baby. Each episode is about connections, heartbreaks, and the kindness of strangers. This isn’t on my regular rotation but I do listen from time to time.

Business + Motivational Podcasts

The GaryVee Audio Experience
Gary has been hustling since birth. Born in Russia and raised in the US, he took his families liquor store from a small shop to a multi-million dollar business all via his vlog, Wine Library. Fast forward to now and he owns and operates Vaynerchuck Media, a marketing agency. Gary provides all kinds of motivation. But does no coddling at all. He works HARD and he would expect anyone wanting a successful life and business to do so as well. I dig Gary.

Tony Robbins
He’s the original guru and he has great motivational guests. Olympic winners, business legends — I love these and some of them I listen to over and over taking nuggets of wisdom from each.
Unstoppable Success Radio
The host, Kelly, is an Entrepreneur and Business Coach with all kinds of advice, tips, and actionable items. I’m new to listening to this one, but I do enjoy it and learn something every episode.

The Tim Ferriss Show
I have been reading Tim for years and he’s a super experimenter. Time, business, fitness, you name it he has hacked it and then shares his results. He also has on a ton of interesting guests. Well worth the time.

These are tried and true. There are a few different podcasts based on the topic. Business, Technology, Science + Medicine, Society + Culture, Health, etc. I listen to a variety of them and get something out of every one.

Magic Lessons
This gem is from Liz Gilbert. She helps aspiring artists get over their fear to create and live more joyfully. I love these because the lessons are applicable to all of us in all aspects of life.

Meditation Oasis
Meditations to help you relax in a variety of situations. Short ones and also situational sessions as well. Meditations specially for before meeting anxiety, to help with sleep, and cool things like a summer solstice guided meditation as well.