Start Playing Big

#unfilteredtruths – What if we lived our lives exactly who we wanted to?

Exposing ourselves can make us feel naked + wide open. Filled with risk and fear, it can feel like stepping into the deep end of the pool. Heart pounding and gasping for breath, wondering if we’re going to drown as others look on.

While our instinct is to mask our fears, it’s this glimpse of truth we crave from others; a true connection with everything else stripped away.

Real vulnerability is admitting our shame out loud. Rather than hiding our truths, what if we lived out loud? What if we reached down deep, and trusted each other?

The act of unfiltering is truly courageous act as well as generous.

Join me and post your own truth, it will all be ok.

#shesaid is the collective she, our inner dialogue as well as conversations with one another.

I know a she when I meet her. Her message reminds and sparks something inside of me. It makes me stop and contemplate. It leads me to question deeper. Maybe even something I thought I had tied up in a nice pretty bow. I get shivers up my arms, or something that pokes at me again three days later.

Instagram is home for #shesaid; a visual image is an important part of her story. It’s not required but an image + words enhance one another. Together they are the powerhouse of storytelling.

Why not #hesaid or #theysaid?

I don’t think we value enough of what #shesaid. I think of they and he, she is lost in the shuffle. Let’s find her and listen.

She has a voice through actions or words. She doesn’t have to have a physical voice, because sometimes her action is her voice. Many times I choose a #shesaid combined with the nuance of the situation. Sometimes she doesn’t have to say anything at all. She says it without saying it. I think we all do.