Photo by Jakub Puchalski on Unsplash

Rebrand in Rome

Italians ask me all the time where I’m from. “Di dove sei?” An innocent sounding question with an answer long enough to get complicated. I can easily tell them where I was born and where I grew up. Then I can tell them that I lived for the most part in Seattle for 12 years. And then I could probably mention Portland after that. But when they ask me this question, what they mean is where do I call home in the U.S.? That’s what they want to know. To which I don’t have an answer.

Because not having a home means everywhere becomes a home.

But there’s only a few places I can say I feel like myself.

And when I need a rebrand for my site, Rome is the only place I would consider. Period. I’ve spent the last weeks communicating my brand to my creative director, web designer, and photographer. And I’ve spent the last two days freezing my ass off in the Roman air. But while freezing, we were getting the shots. The still photos and the videos. The strides and the smiles. The impromptu shots and the panning over of the camera.

Which is all great. But more than that, it’s about capturing the essence of me and the clients I want to serve. The why and the how. The adventure and the mystery. We spent time on the cobblestones of my favorite streets in the nooks and crannies and got down in the juice of it all. And friends, I CANNOT WAIT to show you! CANNOT.


Ciao for Now!