All Roads Lead to Rome

This photo was taken in Rome. Tucked up against a church wall in a hidden corner close to Piazza Navona.

They say all roads lead to Rome. Which in my case was true. In 1998 when I went fresh out of college. In 2002 when I went for a long trek in Europe and when I flew back all those years later on a grand adventure all my own.

I left behind a life I didn’t identify with. One that felt like a tight shirt made for someone else I just couldn’t get comfortable in.

I left behind the role of dutiful daughter, nine to fiver at a desk, resident in my neighborhood, 7 am workout class goer. I tidied my things, rented my place, and dropped the keys in someone else’s hands. Because my road was beckoning me.

It was more than a LEAP, it was a bold move back to me. MEEEEE.

Your ‘you’ is distinctly yours. Whatever she looks like I’m a staunch ally in your taking her out for a stroll. Let her dictate the afternoon. Then maybe don’t tell her to go away at the end of the day. Let her stay awhile. You never know what’s going to happen.