Roamin’ Around

It’s been said when you see Rome for the first time at night, you’re hooked for life. I have no clue who said this, but I’m a believer.

My first taste was within days of finishing my last final of undergrad — some sort of math class. A mathematician I am not. However, I did flex my prowess by calculating exactly how many questions I needed to answer for a decent grade. I was dying to get on that plane. Wheels up.


Almost 20 years later, I feel the same. Each visit, a remembering of old and discovering of new. This week I’m traveling to the Eternal City to welcome one of my faves. It’s her first time and I’m going to crack Rome’s shell wide open for her.

And you. You’re coming with me too. We are going to have early morning walks and late evening strolls. A spritz when we need a rest, and our toes are begging to nap. We’re going to some hidden spots and slurp more espresso than we need.

It may sound super cheese, but it’s you guys I think of when I snap a picture or take a video. How to best pull you into the moment. Asking myself how I can convey this narrow cobblestone corridor with the Nonnas leaning out of their windows, taking a break from cooking pasta. Or the energy of the piazza as everyone strolls around after dinner.

When you love something, sharing it is at the top of the list.

If you want in on the action, check out Operation Vicarious {Rome}. You can choose and vote what you would like me to do while I’m there. Or not. I got us covered either way. I’m positive it will involve bad Italian on my part and a fair amount of ass hattery.