Rome — One of My Favorite Nooks

I don’t know why, but this little nook off of Via dei Coronari always catches me. It’s beautiful to be sure, and also no more than countless other side streets and hidden alleys.

Likely because when I’m in this part of town I’m ambling through. Playing tourist in a part of the city I love to rediscover over and over.

Home to some of my favorite shopping in Rome with a dose of Nonni, Romans, and clergy strolling down the street.

It’s quiet length is one of my go-to spots after I’ve wandered through Navona. It’s a perfect place to ponder your playbook for life. To forget who you told yourself you MUST be, and instead feel who it is you actually are.

We’re not just taking a trip to Rome. We’re working together for 13 weeks and in the midst of it all, we’re going to let Rome unearth your true nature. She’s going to coax and reveal and tease from you, all you’re meant to be.

Maybe one of your biggest moments will take place in this very spot while strolling Via dei Coronari. If you want to find out, here’s the spot to schedule a 20 minute call so we can chat about it. Let’s be in touch.