Rome For the Weekend is Always a Good Idea

It’s been a hot minute and finally I’ve made my way back to Rome for the weekend. I’ve missed her. It used to just be the city, herself, but now she’s filled with friends I love and adore. I went right to Trastevere for breakfast with Maria, followed closely with sushi and franciacorta with Jonathon and Annie in Studio Navona. I’m pretty much in Eternal City heaven.

I won’t lie, I had tram trouble this morning which left me sweaty in my sweater. I call it half Rome and half Robyn issues. It zigged and I wanted to zag toward the center. When I found myself further away from my destination I jumped off to walk the rest of the trip. I was marching toward my destination when I realized Maria was calling my name from the terrazzo of the restaurant. Her voice finally registered with me as I was passing by pulling my bag with a fiercely determined grimace on my face. Instead of a suitcase it felt as if I was pulling an unwieldily 3-year old resisting every turn of the wheels over the cobblestones.

Yes I am having the best time, and I’ve missed her, my Rome. But goodness, I was a sweaty mess this morning navigating into the center. I think it’s important to paint you an accurate picture of this Italian life!

Buon Weekend!


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered one musing from around the web for your weekend. One. I tried for more, but really I’m very immersed in the Franciacorta

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Ciao for Now!