Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

Settling In Nicely Over Here

We moved to another country mid-week. Rather than movers and a truck, we packed all our stuff in suitcases, schlepped them to the airport, and paid our checked baggage fees. Best money I ever spent. Oh, you want to move my things from one side of the world to another for the low low price of $200? THANK YOU! Take them! All of them!

My Father, a saint in his own right, came over and packed all the other stuff that didn’t make it in the bags and drove it back to his house. What a guy. Many this week have called him a legend. I’m in full agreement. They just found out, I’ve known for awhile.

We landed in Italy on Wednesday morning and I promptly threw down all the bags, ran to the first bar (what you call a coffee shop in Italy), and sucked back my first cappuccino. Man alive, that is some sweet nectar.

After a bus ride over to Abruzzo, Mimmo’s parents picked us up and delivered us to our apartment. Having not laid eyes on it in real life I was pleasantly surprised with the warmth of the afternoon sun cascading through the windows.  Rosy, his sister, had cleaned and prepared the space like no one’s business. Another legend. On top of that, layer in the (still warm) lasagna his Mom left for our lunch and I was one happy jet-lagged woman.

I love living here. I also love living in the States. Each has it’s pluses and minuses. And when I’m in one, I don’t miss the other. Instead I focus on and soak up the pluses. While I’m here I’ll be sharing what daily life in Italy is like. Mostly over on Instagram because I love the ease of using the stories feature. But also here, in these posts and on The Book as well.

I like to share it all with you. Leave me a comment and let me know if you would like to see something particular. Maybe something you’re curious about.


Enough about me, what are you guys up to? I’ve gathered a couple of thoughts for this weekend’s media. 

This floating plastic ocean kills me. Also it reminds me of the countless images and videos we used to see in lectures during my Masters work in Marine Biology. 18 years ago it was an issue. And now it’s even a bigger one. I say no to straws, have a fork and spoon in my bag for lunch on the go, and carry a Byta cup. I don’t feel like I do nearly enough, I’m going to step up my game this year.

This podcast is super insightful about the socioeconomic status of Atlanta in the mid-70’s during the time of the serial killer termed the Atlanta Monster.

Coming to Italy this year? You may want to put Abruzzo on your list. CNN is lauding it as the region not to miss when visiting.

Ciao for Now!