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A Speakeasy + The Wednesday Market

Rome was of course a great idea last weekend. We shot some music videos on the street like maniacs using the Triller app. Then proceeded to a speakeasy hidden behind a cabinet in the back of Osteria delle Coppelle. FYI-the bathroom is behind the bookcase, just pull the knob.

As we were walking home we heard a hungry (most likely) drunk American pounding on the door of a long closed McDonald’s willing them to be open and give him a Big Mac. I stopped to state the obvious, “Pretty sure it’s closed.” He replied, “I know it! I’m an American and they need to be open when I want them to be open!” HAHAHA laughingly I replied, “Dude! They’re not your embassy, they make hamburgers and fries!”

Hands on hips he turns to me, “Dammit! Well they can go McFuck themselves.” I may have doubled over laughing. I just may have.


Still settling in over here, each week is a new discovery. I love the Wednesday market right outside of my window and buy my produce for the week from Angelo. He’s kind and helps me practice my Italian. Across from him is a fab woman that sells bustini (little bags) of chopped up vegetables. Game changer. Man I love that shit.

I’m completely legit now and my name is actually on our mailbox. Total WIN! The postman arrived this morning on his scooter complete with his helmet. Inside his helmet he had his cell phone wedged in just perfectly so it was resting on his face so he could talk at will. BEST.

The gym I go to is a five minute walk from home and I love to see my group of ladies every weekday at 9:30. Tuesday and Thursday are true sweatfests. Stefania builds obstacle courses and circuits to challenge us. I run like the wind attempting to make a dent in the pasta I likely at the night before. Even if my jeans are a little tight here, I’m loathe to say no to fresh pasta. What kind of monster would I be?

Working cafe culture is not really a thing here. It is somewhat in bigger cities, but not like in the States. You go to the coffee bar to drink coffee and visit. Period. Since I work for myself it’s always a big adjustment for me when moving back to Italy. I spend a bunch of screen time in my house alone – wahhhh wahhhhh. Sometimes working at the kitchen table, or maybe at the desk in the second bedroom. This means I make it more of a priority to get out during the day and see people. A walk along the Adriatic Sea (poor me), errands, or some random conversation with an Italian that I understand about 20% of, learn some new words and call it a day.

I love living here and I also love living in the States as well. For entirely different reasons. I share these daily life nuances with you not because I’m struggling with the differences, but because I think they’re interesting. I hope you do as well.

That’s all I got over here. And you?


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Ciao for Now!