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Adapt to the Chapter

My schedule is way off here in Italy. Usually I’m a morning person and in bed by ten. But with so many clients in the U.S. and coordinating an event in New Zealand, I’ve seen 11 pm come and I’m still on the phone. Dying to get in bed, but with a to-do list still stacked in front of me. Meh, it’s ok.

Rather than fight against it, I decided to adapt to this latest chapter. Sure I like to get up early and work, but not isn’t the time to do it. Instead I cut myself some slack in the morning understand that I will working when normally I’m sleeping.

Amsterdam — 16 Years Later

I haven’t been to Amsterdam since my former husband Zak and I took our two month trip in 2002. I recognize the train station, the tram tracks coursing through the street, and of course the canals. I see the throngs of tourists as I weave in and out, heading to the hotel. It’s so damn interesting to revisit a place after years and iterations of yourself.

Life in Italy — Pump Class For the Win!

Hiiii It’s been just over a week living back in Italy and most things are running smoothly, just a few more to go. It’s the little things that make a difference on the daily. I work for myself and in my home, so I’ve been experimenting with working at the kitchen table versus in the living room. Both are great and the sunlight is fab, especially in the afternoon.

Settling In Nicely Over Here

We moved to another country mid-week. Rather than movers and a truck, we packed all our stuff in suitcases, schlepped them to the airport and paid our checked baggage fees. Best money I ever spent. Oh, you want to move my things from one side of the world to another for the low low price of $200? THANK YOU! Take them! All of them!