The Beginning…

Even though 2014 had just begun, I already felt like I could close the book on it. As if I could have written the rest of the year from memory. It was shaping up to play out the same as the year before and year before that. Not in terms of people and faces, addresses and places, those were all changing.

But in terms of me. I wasn’t growing.

I knew, just knew I wasn’t spending my time how I was meant to. I was dating a good man. Truly a good man. And I had a charming apartment in one of those cool vintage buildings in Portland. I worked at a company that was small and growing. The management wasn’t fab, but I was dealing with it.

All of this sounds good on paper, right? Great, even. I had a gym I loved working out in and a ton of friends I could call or text to hang out, with no problem. I wasn’t unhappy. If we knew each other then you would see lots of pictures of me smiling and laughing. Hanging out and chatting.

But inside I felt restless. Not with anxiety. But with an absence inside of me.

This was the beginning. This longing feeling. This set the stage for my next chapter. I was desperately trying to tell myself something and I was just now coming around to listening.

If any of this feels familiar to you, we’re more alike than you know. The road to the next chapter reveals itself along the way. Consider this your battle call.

The Roman Adventure isn’t about a trip to Rome. It’s your battle call.

Apply through the link above if you’re feeling the call. I’ll answer.