The Garden of Oranges

This post is part of Operation Vicarious {Rome}

The Garden of Oranges comes by its name honestly, there are many trees which produce oranges during specific times of the year. Also known as Savello Park, the wall bordering the park used to surround a castle. I know. A castle, no big deal. I love this aspect of Italy and especially Rome.

This time of year isn’t orange season. Which suits me just fine. Who’s got time for citrus with the city of Rome on display? I was too busy walking under the mediterranean pine trees, enjoying the shade and dramatic view of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Long seen as a symbol of Rome, the pine trees lining the walkway of the park frame the Dome creating an optical illusion. It looks HUGE as you’re walking toward it, however, once past the trees the Dome recedes and appears much smaller.

Located on the Aventine Hill and in the vicinity of The Secret Keyhole of Rome, this park is usually not on a tourists agenda. Most likely because they don’t know it exists. The good news is — you do.