The Week in Review

Yesterday, Thursday, lasted for 345,764 hours. It felt that way. I don’t know why. It wasn’t that I was engaged in anything particularly crappy or tiresome. It could be because I was sitting in front of my computer working by 7 am, but it’s not that unusual. But then when today arrived, another Friday rolled around — I was shocked. Another week in the books.

I like to take stock on Fridays and think about what I did and didn’t do in the past week.

Here’s what I DID do this past week:

  • I worked on four big ole projects this past week. Juggling all the parts. Even the parts have parts.
  • I did send my book proposal out to three more agents.
  • I did have lunch in the middle of the week with Mimmo. It was glorious.
  • I did an excellent job of eating within my macronutrient goals. This app is the business and I love it. Also hate it. But love.
  • I did numerous annoying but necessary tasks like shipping some things, taxes, banking crap, and adulting in general.
  • I did fix the doorknob to our apartment. Boss style.
  • I did wash my face like a grown up morning and night. I can’t believe this is a thing I feel I have to list, but it is. So, whatever.
  • I did cook dinner every night. Some nights I did NOT want to. But I did it anyway.
  • I did have a late night call with a friend that needed to rant for 20 minutes. I loved that one.

Here’s what I absolutely did NOT do this week:

  • I didn’t write a word on my book. Blah.
  • I didn’t plan the rest of my life.
  • I didn’t get up with my alarm this morning.
  • I did not throw out old flowers that need to go. Also, there’s a big dead fly on the window sill next to said flowers.
  • I didn’t workout yesterday. Side note – I don’t have a great workout place I love to go. I miss that.
  • I didn’t update my contact information with my IRA. That involves a notary and a blah, blah, and I’m already over it.
  • I didn’t figure out my birthday plans.
  • I didn’t do the 209,098 things still on my mind that I want to do.

The DID do list is nice, and I like listing them out to remind myself of how productive I was this past week. Not just to point to it, but for the feeling of a job well done and my time well spent. We (collectively) do SO much on the daily. What if we spent 15 minutes and congratulated ourselves? And on the flipside, spent some time evaluating what (if anything) we would like to change for next week.

For me, I see that I pushed some big, important stuff — the long-term projects and plans that defines trajectory and where I want to go. So today, what I am going to do is block out those hours for next week. Get them in the calendar and next Friday when I’m looking back, they’re going to be on the DID list.

Here’s my question to you: What are you proud of this week? And part two, now looking back, would you make any changes in how you spent your time this week?


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